Научно-исследовательский и образовательный центр имени Г.В.Флоровского


Галерея научно-исследовательского и образовательнного центра имени Г.В.Флоровского


Фотографии Г.В. Флоровского

Fr Florovsky in his office in his home
at 8 Forest Street, Cambridge,
Massachusetts, photo dated June 1960.
This was in his years at Holy Cross and
Harvard, and around the same time he
was corresponding with Fr Sophrony
Sakharov. He would be 66 in this photo,
just about to turn 67.

Fr Georges and his wife,
Xenia Ivanovna (date
unknown, but sometime
during the 1960's)

Fr Florovsky with a young Fr Vladimir
Borichevsky (later Dean of St Tikhon's
Seminary, Pennsylvania) at the 2nd
Assembly of the World Council of Churches,
Evanston, Illinois, August 1954. 

". . . we are bound to declare our profound
conviction that the Holy OrthodoxChurch
alone has preserved in full and intact 'the
faith once delivered unto the saints.' It is not
because of our human merit, but because it
pleases God to preserve 'his treasure
inearthen vessels, that the excellency of the
power may be of God.' (2 Cor. 4: 7)" [The
Declaration of the Orthodox Delegates
Concerning Faith and Order, Evanston,

Speaking of St Serge, here's a
striking photo of Fr Sergius
Bulgakov, a young Georges
Florovsky before ordination, and
Sergei Bezobrazov, who later
became Bishop Cassian.

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